Jaak De Digitale

About Jaak

Jaak De Digitale has tunnelvision with an RGB output. The idea comes in, and goes through the cybertunnel. Sometimes it will come out as a beautiful piece of video weirdness. Other times it will stay in the cybertunnel forever, surfing on oversaturated pixel waves crashing into eternity.

About Bart

Bart Winckers likes a technical challenge. Offbeat resolutions, off the chart ideas, off the wall performances, and domes, off course. With years of experience in all audiovisual postproduction and event sectors, he is the brightest tool in the box.

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VERA: An open air spectacle in Herderen, Riemst (August 2022)

I am working together with theatre group OZZY.

Story by Jessie Van tricht.

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Turbotuna Turbotuna

Turbotuna is the brain child of Bart Winckers and Nick Timmermans. Turbotuna aims to create badass animations. We are looking to make more music videos, short films, and other formats to create fiction.

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